Three Travel Bites of the Week

Happy Friday! Here are Three Travel Bites of the Week.

1. All alone in a new city with no one to talk to? Joel from Freedonia Post is there for you. He launched Freedonia Forums this week so now travelers can post where they are in the world and form meet-ups. With this free forum, you are bound to realize that a fellow traveler is just around the corner. A few meet-ups have already been scheduled so go check it out!

2. I’m a California girl in love with London. Lucky for me, I just stumbled upon a great blog called A Lady in London run by a lady from California. It’s always great to come across other blogs who have the same travel loves. This lady isn’t just blogging about the here and now in London but she has checked off quite a few other locales on a loooooong list. I’m adding this one to my Google Reader and you should too!

3. Want to give a high-five to a deserving kid? Young women can visit to donate $5 (the high-five here) to a U.N. program that will support young girls living in developing countries to go to school each day. Just one donation will give a girl the tools she needs to educate her self and increase her chances of a successful future. You don’t need to leave the country to make a difference. This is one high-five you can give from the comfort of your own home.

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